Our Licensed Professional Practitioners are available after Sunday Service for Spiritual counseling at no charge. In a loving setting a client may discuss situations needing healing or goals they wish to realize. For more in-depth work, an appointment for spiritual counseling may be scheduled with a licensed practitioner for a reasonable fee. Practitioners have completed four years of study accredited by United Church of Religious Science and have passed both a written examination and an oral panel.

What Is a Religious Science Practitioner (R.Sc.P.)?
A Religious Science Practitioner is a licensed professional who has been trained and is committed to the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) to help people meet challenges and grow in spiritual understanding. Practitioners are licensed by United Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles. The license represents a minimum of four years of courses and training and the successful completion of both written exams and oral boards. A Practitioner lives, demonstrates and practices spiritual truth. A Professional Practitioner is always a healing presence, one who knows the presence of God in all things and the oneness of life.
 When Do People See a Practitioner?
Many choose to meet with a practitioner when faced with a specific challenge or problem in their life. Others work with a practitioner regularly to grow and deepen in spiritual awareness and to make changes in their consciousness. The practitioner teaches spiritual principles.  A session with a practitioner will help you to understand your problem and its cause. You will be guided in the control of your life and affairs through right thinking and spiritual understanding. Typical issues brought by clients to practitioners include such topics as health, relationships, finances, career, grief and emotional healing. While understanding the human condition, the practitioners are trained to shift consciousness on behalf of the client and to see the wholeness and perfection in each of us.
 When Are Practitioners Available?
All Practitioners of the First church of Religious Science in Fullerton offer their services free of charge as a gift every Sunday after service. It’s a s simple as approaching one of them and asking for help. Practitioners also see clients throughout the week in their practice and may do their work in person, by telephone, and/or email. Please see your Sunday program for a list of practitioners and their phone numbers.
 What Is the Cost?
In private practice, a practitioner, like any other licensed professional, receives a fee for his or her time and expertise. Each practitioner has his or her own individual fee schedule. Fees vary so feel free to discuss the fee structure with your practitioner. The relationship between you and your practitioner is one of complete confidence and freedom at all times.
 How Do We Pray?
We do not wish, we know. We do not dream, we state. We do not hope, we accept. We do not ask, we announce. We do not expect something to happen, we believe that is already has.


Al Van Tubbergen, RScP
(714) 524-3061

Carol Riseling, RScP
(714) 879-8847

Debra McMurry, RScP
(805) 686-4350

Tomoko Rosas, RScP
(562) 713-0785

Rev. Annette Drake
(714) 525-1126