Rhonda’s Story

Question:  What is a believing life like?

Answer:  FAITH

By Rhonda Hodges Stubbs

Rhonda and Guy 2017

My journey started December 7, 2016, over 1 year ago.  My son Guy Bryant left home going to his job to pick up his paycheck and did not return.  I heard from him 1 week later wanting money to return home, I denied him money because I did not want to enable him.  I told him that he was being irresponsible and to return back the same way he got to San Luis Obispo.   Although this was tough love, but my heart didn’t like what my mind was saying to him, and I didn’t pray about my decision, I just reacted to it emotionally.

For the next eight months my son communicated by email, text, Jehovah Witnesses came by my house stating that he wanted to learn more about God, and other individuals involved in NAMI Programs called me up about him on the phone stating that they felt he had mental health issues and he was at UC Davis and would help send him home.  I complied with a yes to help and she made arrangements with me to pick him up from the train station in Fullerton near where I live at 1:00am.  He was not on the train, and I learned that he was trying to scam the lady.  Disappointed, I resulted into praying for God to protect him from all hurt, harm and danger and also for prayers to guide him in the direction that God needs for him to be in the highest and best good for his life.

The War Room movie came out about this character being a prayer warrior, and you can pray your way to victory.  I didn’t have a prayer room, but I created a prayer frame.  I typed up scriptures, affirmations, thoughts, aspirations for all of my immediate family that had issues and concerns and put the prayers in this frame, and when I felt the need to pray, I would pick up my “Prayer Frame” and pray.  When their prayers were answered I’d cross them off my list and went to pray for the next person.  My hardest and most emotional prayer request was about my son Guy; I didn’t know where he was, if alive or dead because we lost all forms of communication.

I attend a Bible Study Fellowship class weekly and have been attending for five years.  I’ve always had a profound desire to understand and study the Bible, and we are studying the gospel of John.  I believe in the power of prayer and I know that God will answer my prayers; I didn’t know the days or the hours, but he has never failed me.

So my journey to pray Guy back into my life began.  Fear started to set in that he might be found dead, or someone beat him up, and when those negative thoughts would come into my mind, the Holy Spirit would chant “Trust and Believe”.  When the weather started changing from hot to cold, those negative thoughts would start to penetrate my mind and the Holy Spirit would chant “Trust and Believe”.  Several months had passed by and all the emails that I sent my son for the past 4 months were not answered.  My son’s father whom I hadn’t spoken to for years contacted me.  I was angry at him and hadn’t spoken to him for years; suddenly he made contact with me because he was also concerned.  I told him to “Trust and Believe”.  I shared my pathway with him and invited him to jump onto my band wagon.  He even showed negativity when he said, “Don’t you care about him”, I said, yes but I am putting all of my trust and faith into God’s hands and you can do it too.

As the holiday’s started approaching, I began to get extremely emotional because I love Thanksgiving, and Christmas and my birthday was even in December.  I began to ask other people to pray for him, and put in prayer requests at church and even at my Bible Study Class.  I had prayer warriors everywhere.  What I felt was most effective was my faith because I was determined to stay steadfast in my belief system and my agreement with God.  I started listening to this DVD that I received from my neighbor and it had words that said; You are my child I love you, I will never leave you, I will never forsake you, I will never fail you.  I would play this over and over again in my CD player in my car every day.  Even now, I still play it.

I was thinking about my son one day and I prayed this prayer in desperation.

I recited the “Lord’s Prayer” first, because it gives me peace and comfort.  Then I said, Heavenly Father, in the name of your Son Jesus, I open this prayer.  Knowing that you are the creator of all things, that is love, peace, harmony, omnipotence, wisdom, kindness, joy, and happiness, and you know all the things that are concerning me, and you know my pain and my suffering Lord.  As my Heavenly Father, you said that you will protect me and I know you love me Lord.  I love my son just like you love me and him.  I need for my heart to be peaceful.  I know that you are protecting him from hurt, harm, and danger, but I need to know where he is and how he is doing.  I need a miracle Father.  I love you so much and I believe in the power of prayer, and if there is anything that I have done, please forgive me for whatever sin or separation that I have committed to him, I am sorry.  I ask for all of these prayer requests in your son Jesus name.  AMEN

I don’t know when I prayed this prayer, maybe a few weeks or two ago, but I was getting ready for work on January 6, 2017 and I received a call from my son, and he said, “Mom, this is Guy”.  This was a Hallelujah moment for me.  You know that I praised God with appreciation and glory all the way to work and I am still praising this victory.  On January 14th, I went to the Central Coast in Santa Barbara to see my son Guy who is alive and well and healthy.  Praises to our most Glorious Father on High!

I wanted to share this testimonial with whoever needs Faith and a Hallelujah moment.