Hilarie’s Story

3 Answered Prayer Stories by a Long Time Member

Story #1:  I have always said that my dog is a testament to the old adage, “Be careful what you ask for!”.  While visiting a friend in La Bufadora Mexico, and consuming many cervezas, I explained to her that I was ready to adopt/rescue another puppy.  Mine had passed away a few years before and it had taken me a while to get over the loss and be ready for another companion.  As the beers continued to flow, I described my exact dream dog.  We were having a fun time describing different dog characteristics, behaviors, sizes, breeds, etc..  We had a lovely long conversation and I told her, “if you ever find any puppies that match what we’ve been talking about, let me know…. I will return and we will see if one of them is a good fit.”  The very next day, within the first hour of going to her work, where I was also telecommuting and busy in my computer, a woman came rushing into the office and yelled, “There are puppies dying down the road, we have to save them!  Hurry quick before they run off into the mountains!”.  My girlfriend took one look at me from across the room, pointed at me and declared, “Go get your new puppy.”  I started to hesitate and claim that I really am not ready, making excuses about the long drive home, my small condo, etc..  She came over to me, put her arm around me and said, “Honey, you asked the universe last night exactly what you were looking for, you were sincere, and you were open.  This is the universe answering your prayers.”  As I took a moment to stop and ponder that, I realized she was right.  I grabbed my keys and off we went to rescue the puppies.  There was only one puppy remaining by the time we arrived on that small, desolate, dry and dusty back road.  After convincing her to come out from her hiding spot under some old palm fronds, I was able to set my eyes upon the cutest, most lovable and clearly in-need-of-help little puppy.  After a trip to the local veterinarian and a good meal, I realized that evening, she was EXACTLY what I had described the night before.  I have had my dog for over 12 years now and each time I look at her I remember describing her that night and I am grateful for that prayer to the universe.


Story #2:  I have always felt pressure at work.  I try to do the best job I can, but I am often faced with a sense of impending doom.  Most of this stress is self-imposed and unnecessary.  However, when you rely on the income to feed yourself, house yourself and pay your bills, a person with a worry-some personality like mine can make mountains out of molehills.  Meetings with the boss, deadlines, presentations, and demanding customers can all add up to more stress.  About 2 months ago I had an epiphany – Why not try some of that prayer stuff Reverend Annette keeps talking about?  Could it really work here at work, not just in my personal life?  I started with a quick prayer before entering the building. Talking to myself as I walked from the car to the front door, “Today will be just fine.”  “Please universe help me to see today as a good day.”  “I trust that it will be just fine and I will not be scared or anxious today.”  Sometimes it was more specific, a particular meeting perhaps or a goal that I really wanted to achieve.  Each week, I started to apply it inside the office as well, at my desk, in the hallway, in meetings.  Before I open my email (one of the more scary aspects of my job, as there is usually some fire that needs to be put out) I say a quick prayer, “These emails will be handled and taken care of, I will not have much discomfort at all.”  Before I dial into the weekly meetings with the grand poo-bahs, I stop and say “This meeting will not be painful, in fact, it might actually be fun!”.  This has helped SOOO much at work.  I am amazed and shocked and grateful at how much easier my days have become.  They are not necessarily shorter nor do they contain less stuff to deal with, but, they are much easier to deal with…. some days i just breeze right through.  What is different, for sure, is me.  Praying has made my job much easier and I am not feeling nearly as much pressure as I used to.


Story #3:  About two years ago, I was looking for a place to rent.    I asked the universe to please help me find a place with particular features. I knew that prayer could work in this situation, but I had no idea it work would so well!  I lit a candle and placed it on a large piece of paper (not sure where I learned to do this, but it had worked in the past and I felt pretty confident it would work again), then I drew a circle around the base of the candle.  I wrote out all of the particulars I was looking for around the candle in different color ink.  Cute porch, green lush backyard, 3 bedrooms, close to work, etc.  I also spelled out all the feelings I wanted to have when I found my new place, Secure, Cozy, Clean, Inviting, etc.  Each evening I lit the candle.  Then I waited a little while for my words to brew in the universe, like a good stew on a low simmer.  I kept thinking about the items I had written down, saying to myself over and over “I trust in you, I believe it is possible.  Thank you God”.  Without any pressure or expectation, I was casually surfing the Internet looking at homes for rent.  The very first home I found looked like it might be “the one”.  It was not available for preview until a single Saturday a few weeks away, during a single open house, only from 2:00 to 4:00.  It just so happened I had been doing a lot of traveling for work and that particular day was my only day home in between two different trips.  So, I filled out the necessary paperwork, prayed, and arrived early at the home the day of the open house.  It was in such a cute neighborhood and looked exactly like a home I would love to live in.  I had a little time to spare and drove a few blocks down the street to the corner of Amerige Ave. and Pomona Ave. in Fullerton.  (most people reading this should know what is on that corner!) and I parked and prayed on the steps of our old church.  In a short while, I drove back to the house, paperwork in hand and walked in the front door.  I knew IMMEDIATELY that this house would be perfect for me.  With much excitement I gave my paperwork to the owner and discussed her needs and mine.  We seemed to get along well, however, there were many many people there also excited about the property.  As I waited for a reply, I continued to pray and pray.   After 2 weeks of waiting, I received the email I had been waiting for – I got the place.  The landlord’s exact words were, “I had a lot of excellent applicants but when all things were considered, you were the best.” i now live in lovely home that is more like my unique tastes than anywhere i’ve ever lived and I just love it!  Thank you universe!

All my best,


Hilarie Sellers