We Believe In God, The Living Spirit Almighty; One, Indestructible, Absolute And Self-Existent Cause. This One Manifests Itself In And Through All Creation But Is Not Absorbed By Its Creation. The Manifest Universe Is The Body Of God; It Is The Logical And Necessary Outcome Of The Infinite Self-Knowingness Of God.

Ernest Holmes “What We Believe”

“As a Divine being, you are the master of your destiny.”
This is the great message Religious Science brings to people of all faiths. It is a fresh concept of religion as a life philosophy and a science. As a philosophy, Religious Science presents a practical, down-to-earth way of thinking about the nature of the Universe and our relationship to it. As a religion, it presents a philosophy that is both mentally stimulating and emotionally satisfying. As a science, it presents specific and definite ideas which you can demonstrate for yourself and directly experience the benefits in your life.

“There is a power for good in the universe greater than you are and you can use it.”
Science of Mind is a system of mental and spiritual principles, combined with a technique for the application of these principles. It is designed to live and expand consciousness in ways that lead to an even higher order of livingness. It emphasizes the spiritual connection of all, thus promoting peace and greater harmony at all levels of experience. The consistent application of Religious Science results in health, satisfying relationships, enhanced creativity, and prosperity.

“Change your thinking and change your life.”
Religious Science is not a closed system of thought. It grows continually as humankind evolves, drawing on the frontiers of knowledge as well as the wisdom of the ages.


Ernest Holmes


Raised in New England in the late 1800s, Dr. Ernest Holmes did not finish high school and, although religion played an important role in his childhood, he held no affinity for organized religion. His enthusiasm for knowledge and truth came from books. Over time he was able to piece together the profound knowledge of many of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and thinkers throughout history. He studied science, philosophy, and religion, seeking out the greatest minds in each of these various fields. Throughout this investigation, his desire was to synthesize what he learned, to put it all together into one practical, usable philosophy that would lead to greater happiness, success, and prosperity in daily life.

Dr. Holmes made no claim that he personally discovered any great truth, but through his dedicated approach to metaphysical studies, he added his insights about God to the opinions of the great wisdom of the ages. In 1926 his book The Science of Mind was published and the Institute of Religious Science was established.