• Join our DIVINE DESIGN! – Donate to our New Spiritual Home Fund :)

    Join our Divine Design!

    Now that our New Spiritual Home is being prepared for us to move in it’s time to furnish it to make it our own.

    We’ve calculated it will take about $18,995.00 to purchase what we will need to be able to have service at our new location. This includes all of the chairs, podium, kitchen essentials, furnishing for the Jr. Church, and audio/visual equipments. If you would like to contribute please contact us at (714) 525-1126 or email us at : spiritlives@religiousscifullerton.org.

    Come to our Sunday service and take a look at our Vision Board for our Divine Design. We’ve listed out different items to sponsor with prices for all levels of sponsorship. Donate toward the total goal amount or pick an item or two to sponsor. You can even sponsor a single chair for only – $39.95! We’d love to have everyone┬ábe part of making our New Spiritual Home our very own.

    Peace and blessings,

    CSL Fullerton